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Why choose a professional removals company?

(Stage one the loading process)

There are a number of factors when moving home that you should consider. There is more to moving furniture than just being able to lift heavy items. Most people have moved a few items of furniture around their home without any problems at all, however, there is a massive difference when moving an entire lifetime of belongings from one address to another.

Choosing to get the professionals in is a choice that should be made. We have the experience and knowledge to take the stress away from your move, every care is taken to protect your items from loading and in transit to delivery.

The loading of the vehicle is in fact the most important factor within a home removal, how items are loaded plays a major part in the safety of your items in transit. Loading is done with the greatest care to ensure no movement, as movement can equal breakages. Manual handling also plays a major part too. Correctly lifting items helps to keep them safe from damage throughout the removals process, knowing how to manipulate big items through doorways is second nature to a professional removals operative and people don't realize how difficult it can be until actually trying it for the first time.

It's also easy to hire and load a 3.5 ton van and not know that you have gone overweight, making the vehicle unsafe and illegal to drive. Hiring a professional removals company ensures this will never happen. The loading of the vehicle will also determine how many trips it will take for you to move your items when you hire a vehicle yourself, which in turn will cost you more time and more fuel which adds to the cost of your vehicle hire. An experienced removals operative will know which vehicles and manpower are needed for your move when discussing your move plan at the time of your quote, making the removal as stress free as possible for you.

Stress free...Easy...professional

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