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There are nearly 25 million houses in the UK

Choosing to move house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life.

In our opinion its always best to hire a removals firm to guide you through the process.

There are approximately 14000 removals firms to choose from in the UK. Using one of the big removals companies doesn't always guarantee you are getting the best value or service, these companies often subcontract your job to a smaller firm in your area. The cost is often much higher than using a smaller company but the level of service is often the same. HRS pride ourselves on giving the best possible customer service, our team strive to keep your move stress free. Following a few simple rules, when choosing a removals firm, will help you choose the correct company for you.

  1. Get lots of quotes - If we do a home visit to discuss a move we always encourage the customer to get more than one quote.

  2. Choose a company who's quote has no hidden costs - Some companies will charge extra fees for key waits and longer days.

  3. Questions - Ask as many questions as you can, remember, removals companies move people almost every day and should be able to help with everything related to your move.

  4. Recommendation - Ask your friends. Over half of our business is either repeat customers or friends of someone we've moved.

  5. Insurance - Check the company covers your items in transit.

  6. Equipment - Make sure the company has the right equipment for your move.

  7. Reviews - We can't always get amazing reviews as things do go wrong from time to time, but check if a problem was resolved correctly.

  8. Cost - Choosing the most expensive isn't always the best, just as choosing the cheapest doesn't mean the service will be substandard. Choose the best fit for your budget.

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